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Welcome to the cyber-home of the Supercomputing Technology Historical Museum.  We are dedicated to the preservation of Supercomputing Technology and its history from the mid 1970's through today.  Some of the machines currently included in the museum collection include equipment from Cray, Connection Machines, Silicon Graphics and others.  Many of these machines combined world class performance with a touch of artistic design.  The outstanding quality and workmanship displayed in the construction of these systems is second to none and they are beautiful examples of functional working art.

The Systems area is where all of the different machines are listed, each with their own dedicated section.  The systems currently on display include those donated to the museum collection as well as those that are currently on loan from private collections.

Many manufacturers were very active in creating marketing items to promote their systems.  Items such as coffee cups, t-shirts, brochures, clocks, pens, posters, CD-ROMS, etc.  The Marketing section represents many of the different advertising ideas used by the various supercomputer manufacturers.

Thank you for your interest in the field of supercomputing technology and we invite you to visit us again soon!


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